Firm bed mattress

Firm mattress

We’d like to introduce you to Australia's best firm pocket spring mattress.
The Sleep Firm mattress has been engineered with high density foam comfort layers and high coil count pocket springs to produce an incomparable sleeping experience. 
Other memory foam mattresses just don’t stand as firm.
  • 100% Australian made mattress in a box
  • Awarded BEST FIRM MATTRESS in a BOX for 2022, 2023  & 2024 by BedBuyer
  • Breathable and responsive to temperature for a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified Dunlop foam
  • 15 years warranty
From $899.00
Free delivery and returns
Sleep Firm Features

S+Pro Pocket Springs in firm mattress

S+ Pro 5 Zone Independent Spring System

S+Pro Pocket Spring
S+Pro Pocket Spring

The core of this mattress is the exclusive S+ Pro 5 Zone Independent Spring System. Designed for advanced strength and spinal alignment, each Independent Spring is placed explicitly within each of the 5 Zones to ensure it responds and supports the natural contour of the spine and body. For added strength, durability and longevity each spring is individually wrapped in N-100 Medical Grade Fabric which is 42% stronger than any regular pocket spring.

To achieve its advanced strength, the S+ Pro Spring has a super high spring count spread out across the 5 Zones. This ensures maximum support for the body and spine by the placement of spring into multiple levels. Firm Support is provided for the head, lower back/hips and the feet. Slight pressure relief is then provided for the shoulders and knees for comfort.

Firmness Scale Sleep Firm
Sleep Firm Firmness Scale
Sleep Firm Features

Boomerang Foam Specially designed for a firm mattress in a box

Sleep Firm Boomerang foam
Sleep Firm Boomerang foam
Sleep Firm Boomerang foam
Sleep Firm Boomerang foam

Above the S+ Pro spring is the Sleep Firms exclusive Boomerang Foam which has been specifically designed and engineered for a firm mattress in a box. This premium density foam has an extremely high rebound level that does not lose its hardness, ensuring long-lasting firm support. The Boomerang Foam by Dunlop is Geca Certified and treated with Ultra Fresh, which is anti-microbial. It is also a Dunlop Approved foam with the National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice.

National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice logo
Sleep Firm Features

Fabrics and Foams

Small details make a big difference

Quiltec Foam -Sleep Firm
Quiltec Foam

Quiltec (Grade QRV) has been specifically developed for the bedding industry to significantly reduce body impressions. By utilizing the latest Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology, it enhances airflow and improves moisture dissipation throughout the mattress.

Fabric -Sleep Firm
Adaptive Fabric

Bekaert Deslee's Adaptive Fabric incorporates Adaptive® technology, which involves treating the textile with a polymer that responds to temperature changes. This dynamic response adapts to your body's needs, allowing Adaptive® to release more moisture as the temperature increases, resulting in improved evaporation and a cooler, drier sleep environment.

3D Spacer Fabric
3D Spacer Fabric

To ensure maximum air circulation around the sides of the mattress, Sleep Firm incorporates a 3D mesh fabric made from COOLMAX freshFX-polyester. This fabric is optimized for moisture transport and equipped with antibacterial properties to prevent bacteria growth and unpleasant odours.

Foam Box Sleep Firm
Foam Box Edge

To ensure a firm supportive edge to encase the S+ Pro Spring and to prevent any roll-off we also use the Boomerang Foam to create a foam box edge around the full perimeter of the mattress. A foam box construction is something you would find in a premium high end retail store pocket spring mattress.

Enjoy Sleep

Enjoy sleeping on sleep firm mattress for 100
nights, totally risk-free

Enjoy sleeping on sleep firm mattress for 100 nights, totally risk-free

If you don’t love the firmness of our mattress in the first 100
nights of sleeping, then you can return it for a full refund.

If you don’t love the firmness of our mattress in the first 100 nights of sleeping, then you can return it for a full refund.

Sleep Firm Features

Firm Mattress Bliss

Ultimate Firmness - Best Firm Mattress in a Box

Sleep Firm is the solution for those in need of a mattress that combines exceptional support with the convenience of direct-to-your-door delivery. With a 9 out of 10 firmness rating, this mattress is designed for Australians who prefer a solid and supportive sleep surface. It perfectly balances support and comfort, ensuring you wake up without the discomfort that often comes from softer mattresses.

However, a word of wisdom: We've received a few returns from customers who found our mattress too firm. Yes, when we promise firmness, we truly deliver—our mattress is exceptionally firm, perhaps even more so than your determination to start a new diet "tomorrow." Imagine a cloud made not of mist but of something much sturdier—that's the kind of support we're talking about.

What sets our mattress apart is its innovative delivery method—compressed and boxed for your convenience. Say goodbye to the struggle of maneuvering a bulky mattress through your home. Our boxed design simplifies the setup process, making it ideal for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, or anyone looking for a firm foundation for a restful night's sleep. Give it a try and discover why our firmer, box-delivered mattress is becoming the preferred choice for satisfied sleepers across Australia.

Sleep Firm Firmness Scale

Don’t just take Our word for it

We’ve been improving sleep quality for firm sleepers for years. Here are some glowing reviews from our customers.

Excellent mattress

by Susan H on 28/02/2023

I purchased a sleep firm bed as it’s rating was 9 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. I am a tall and large person so wanted a mattress with additional inner springs that catered to my weight and wouldn’t sag. A firmer mattress is better for larger people as you don’t “sink” into the mattress and feel like you are not lying straight. This mattress has delivered. Firm, supportive, comfortable (if you like a very firm bed, which I do). Would recommend. It’s a heavier mattress due to the extra springs in it, so getting it out of the box and onto the bed was tricky for one person. Would be great if mattresses had handles on the side like they used to.

Love this mattress!

by Alice on 15/02/2023

I love this mattress so much! I have had back problems for since I was in grade school and never quite found a mattress that my spine agreed with. We bought our Sleep Firm King 1 month after we had our first son because we found ourselves uncomfortable and cramped in between animals and a baby and more sleep deprived than ever. This mattress was our saving grace. It is the firmest mattress I have had the pleasure of sleeping on and has helped my back problems tenfold, even with all of the aches and pains that come post partum. It is so roomy and comfortable, I truly recommend this mattress to anyone that is looking for a firm change!

Guests have rated it very comfortable

by Roasting on 01/12/2022

This mattress was purchased for a guest bedroom. Whilst I have not used it (yet), several guests have stayed and all rated it very comfortable. One guest was rehabilitating from spinal surgery. I am glad that I could offer them good nights' sleep. My enjoyment came from opening it and watching it puff up!! It was easy enough for one person to manage.

Sleep Firm - Side
Corner of Sleep Firm with Label


Man sleeping on Sleep Firm Mattress
Single size mattress


L188cm x W92cm x H26cm
Single sleepers who appreciate a firmer touch will love the Sleep Firm single mattress.

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Sleep Firm Corner
King Single size mattress


L203cm x W107cm x H26cm
King singles give a little more room and length for the single sleeper.

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Sleep Firm Mattress Front
DOUBLE size mattress


L188cm x W138cm x H26cm
Suitable for single sleepers who enjoy more room to stretch out or couples who don't mind sleeping close together.

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Couple cuddling on Sleep Firm Mattress
Queen size mattress


L203cm x W153cm x H26cm
Our firm queen mattress is perfect for couples who like to sleep a little harder than most.

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Couple drinking champagne on Sleep Firm Mattress
King size mattress


L203cm x W183cm x H26cm
Our king-size firm mattress is ideal for couples who need a bit more space to sleep hard.

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Frequently asked questions

Sleep Firm is made in Melbourne by Chiropedic, an Australia-owned and family-operated team who identified a need to produce a premium product for people who enjoy a firmer mattress. After much research, the perfect iteration of the Sleep Firm mattress was born. The business has nearly 30 years of experience and we’ve won esteemed awards for our high-quality and long-lasting pocket spring mattress in a box.

Yes, the Sleep Firm mattress is technically classified as a mattress in a box. It is packaged and shipping in a box, ready to be unpacked and used immediately. Shipping mattresses in boxes allows us to cut down on shipping and handling costs. If you’re worried about this packaging format affecting your mattress's firmness, don’t! Our s+Pro Pocket Spring and Boomerang Foam ensures that the mattress retains its shape and firmness at every stage of the journey.

Rather than using gel infused memory foam, Sleep Firm inserts a distinct type of Boomerang foam through the foam comfort layers of their firm mattress. Boomerang high density foam is famous for its ability to spring back into place night after night without leaving body shape indentations. This flexibility and tension allow the mattress core to remain firmer throughout its life cycle.

While other brands, such as the Sleeping Duck mattress and Koala mattresses have a similar price point, they are designed to meet a universal appeal and therefore lack in certain areas, such as firmness and edge support.

A Sleep Firm mattress on the other hand, is specifically designed for customers seeking absolute firmness and is the best mattress for pressure relief, hot sleepers and back sleepers. We’ve brought everything together - from high density foam layers to tightly coiled pocket springs - a true hybrid mattress to give you the best sleep possible.

Need to get in touch?

Reach out to Sleep Firm to have all your questions answered.

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